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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

CVS 12/1 : Paid $.09 Saved $474.02 - Diapers, Cereal and More

It's been a while since I had a large CVS Trip!

I paid $20.35 in ECB, $1.42 on a gift card and $.09 cash and earned back $81 in ECB!  Plus I made enough Beauty Purchases to earn $10 in ECB so I earned back $91 in ECB!  I got back around $70 more in ECB than I spent!

What I bought:
3 Hershey Kisses
3 Reese's PB Mini's
1lb Reese's PB Cup
7 Cheese & Breadsticks
3 Doritos
3 Olay Body Wash
Carmex Healing Lotion
Huggies Box 62ct
Pampers Box 82ct
4 Pampers Jumbo Pack (RC)
2 Pampers Wipes
10 Kellogg's Froot Loops Cereal
4 Bumble Bee Tuna (RC)
Visine Tired Eye (RC)
3 American Greetings Cards
4 Febreeze Fabric Refreshers
2 Lumene Peet Masks
Lumene Toner
Gillette Fusion ProGlide
La Roche-Posay Cleanser
2 packs of Christmas bows (thought they were BOGO but they weren't, whoops)
Axe Body Spray
Verio IQ Meter
16 Sobe Lifewaters

Sunday, October 28, 2012

CVS 10/27: Paid $.25 and Saved $114.14 - Ritz, Thermacare, Glade

Did two transactions.

Transaction 1

3 Nabisco Ritz Crackers $2.50 each
Triscuits $2.50
- $3.99 Free Triscuits MQ from FB
Hershey's Snack Snack Variety pack $5
- $5.00 Hershey Candy CVS Q from the Halloween pack
3 Stride iD Gum $1 each
2 Thermacare Back Wrap 2ct $6.79 each
- $2 Thermacare CVS Q
- $3 Thermacare MQ x 2
Mascarade Mask (not pictured) $3.99
- $5 Halloween Costume CVS Q from the Halloween pack
3 American Greetings Halloween Cards $.99 each
5 Glade Candles $4.29 each
- $1 Glade Candles MQ x 5

Total = $59.99
- $10/$50 Purchase CVS Q
- $3 Birthday Bucks!
- $26.99 in Coupons Above
Paid with $20 ECB and earned back $24 in ECB:
$5 for Nabisco/Triscuit/Hershey
$1 for Stride iD Gum
$3 American Greetings
$5 Thermacare
$10 Glade

Paid $.24 in cash and saved $74.75.

Transaction 2

Jr Dippers Cheese & Breadsticks $2
2 Thermacare Back Wrap 2ct $6.79 each

- $2 Thermacare CVS Q
- $3 Thermacare MQ x 2

3 Halloween Cards $.99 each
- FREE Card wyb 2 CVS Q
4 Glade Candles $4.39 each
- $1 Glade Candles MQ x 5

Total = $40
- $4/$20 purchase CVS Q (Expired)
- $13.99 in Coupons Above
Paid with $18 ECB (all expired) and earned back $18 in ECB:
$10 Glade
$3 American Greetings
$5 Thermacare

Paid $.01 in cash and saved $39.39.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kroger 10/20 & 10/22: 65 General Mills Products for $3.20 AND $35.50+ in Box Top for Education!

Finished out the Kroger General Mills deals on 10/20 and 10/22.  Ended up with 65 more items and paid only $3.20!  Then used my final $5 coupon to get 2 Capri Sun 10 packs free!  Not everything is purchased (only the dry good purchased 10/20).

What I purchased:
6 Toaster Strudels
8 Totinos Pizzas
3 Old El Paso Taco Shells
10 Betty Crocker Cake Mix
6 Betty Crocker Icing
9 Hamburger Helper
24 Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes
2 Capri Sun

Combing this trip with my previous trip I purchased a total of 140 items for $9.41.  Only $.07 per item!

Before doing any transactions I went to this page and registered my Kroger card for eBoxtops.  This site gives you 10 bonus box tops for every 5 items you purchase - and you don't have to clip anything!  The money is sent directly to the school.  I earned 215 eBoxtops which equals $21.50 to the kid's school!  Plus I purchased 140 items which will add another $14 before the school year is up (not even counting the packages with multiple box tops...) so it's nice to share a little money with the school.

Food Fair 10/24: FREE Paseo 12 Count Toilet Paper!

I was so excited when my Food Fair ad came in the mail yesterday!  They had Paseo Toilet Paper (12 pack) and Paseo Paper Towels (8 count) in the ad for 5 for $5.  And there are coupons for $1 off.  So I thought, "Wow, definitely going to stock up on some free toilet paper and paper towels!"

Went to Food Fair bright and early this morning (around 6am) and loaded 6 of these into my cart (Food Fair reserves the right to limit 6 like coupons per transaction - which I figured they'd be doing for this) and go up to the register.  I mention to the cashier they are 5 for $5 and she doesn't believe me so I show her the ad.  She calls her manager down who said there was a misprint in the ad.  Well darn.  But since I was there bright and early he'd give me one for that price.

So they rang it up for $1 and I used my $1 coupon and walked out with my free toilet paper.

(They're actually $3.88 so only $2.88 with the $1 coupon which still isn't a bad deal.  Especially when you have kids who use too much regardless and quality really isn't a priority.)

Home Depot 10/24: 220 Glad Force Flex Trash Bags, Glade Room Spray and a Pumpkin for $1.22

Using the amazing coupons available on Home Depot's Facebook Page (you have to play a game to get the coupons) I was able to score some nearly free high quality trash bags at Home Depot tonight!  The coupons are one per person so I did two separate transactions.

Glad Force Flex Bags 110 ct for $13.97
Pumpkin for $2
Total = $15.97
- $15/$15.01 Purchase Home Depot Coupon 
Paid $.98 (tax included)

Glad Force Flex Bags 110 ct for $13.97
Glade Room Spray $1.27
Total = $15.24
- $15/$15.01 Purchase Home Depot Coupon
Paid $.24 (tax included)

That's 220 high quality trash bags for only $1.22 or less than a penny a piece!  Rich always gripes at me for buying the "cheap" trash bags (which I do...) so I was excited to score this deal.  I still have another $15 coupons left as well as three $10 and three $5 that don't expire until 12/31/12 so I should be able to score some more great deals with these coupons!

(The picture is only 100 ct but the ones I purchased are 110 count.  I just pulled a picture off the internet to use.)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Kroger Trip 10/19: 75 General Mills Products for only $6.21 - Saved $114.24!

Kroger is having a Cart Buster sale on various General Mills products PLUS you get a coupon for $5 on your next order (OYNO) when you buy 5 products.  There are coupons you can use that match up with these products.  I used a $5 P&G Mail-in-Rebate card I had so that I wouldn't have to pay anything to get started and then I did a total of 15 transactions consisting of 5 items each (it actually didn't take very long since each one only had 5 items).  I paid a total of $6.41 out of pocket for 75 items and saved $114.24.  That makes each item only $.09 and a savings of 94%  I also earned enough fuel points to get $.10 off next time I fill up and at least 75 Box Tops for Education!  Plus I still have a $5 OYNO coupon left over in case I decide to go back and pick up some of the other items on sale.

What I purchased:
10 Betty Crocker Mac and Cheese (this is new and I've never tried it!)
9 Old El Paso Taco Shell Packages
3 Old El Paso Refried Beans
12 Totinos Pizzas
6 Toaster Strudels
9 Betty Crocker Cake Mix
12 Better Crocker Cake Icing
14 Better Crocker Boxed Potatoes
75 items total!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

CVS Trips 9/20 - 9/29: Paid $1.90 on a Gift Card and Saved $824.80!

All of these items were purchased from 9/20 through 9/29.  Not all of the items are pictured (Herbal Essences) because my full order didn't come in.  After all CVS Coupons, Manufacturer Coupons and ECB my OOP was $1.90 which I paid with a CVS Gift Card.

This is what was purchased:
6 Charmin Basic
10 Downy Unstoppables
40 Herbal Essences Stylers
40 Herbal Essences Shampoos
16 Pantene Shampoos and Conditioners
6 Nexxus Products
2 Schick Quattro
13 Skippy PB
8 Jr Dipper Cheese & Breadsticks
2 Colgate Toothbrush/Toothpaste
2 CVS Baby Wipes 216 ct
15 Gerber Graduates Snacks
8 Glade Room Sprays
Glade Scented Oil Refill
Physicians Formula pH Gloss
Alteril Shots
Thermacare Pad 1 ct 

Walgreens Trip 9/22: 4 Enfagrow 4pks + 17 Wet & Wild Nail Polish for $1.88

Cheap Enfagrow and nail polish got me into Walgreens!

The Enfagrow 4 packs were on sale for $6.49 and were BOGO.
Bought 4 (2 not pictured) = $25.96
- BOGO Sale = $12.98
Used 4 $3/1 Enfamil Coupons = $.98 for all 4 or $.25 each!  And these are perfect for the diaper bag!

Then there was a Wet & Wild Nail polish coupon for $1.00 off (it expired 9/22) and Walgreens sells Wet & Wild for $.99 each.  I had 16 coupons but I bought 17 nail polishes since the Walgreens I shop at refuses to adjust down coupons.  Paid $.90 for all 17.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

CVS Trip 9/15: Paid $0 for $42.44 worth of Centrum, Lotion & Nuance Hair Form

I took a few weeks off from CVS but I'm back!  I made a large pre-order so when I dropped it off at the store I went ahead and picked up some freebies!  All of these are free after coupons.

Centrum Flavor Burst 60 ct vitamins were $6.99.  The Coupon Machine at CVS was printing a coupon for $5 off every day and there is a $2/1 coupon on Centrum's website making them free!

The Coupon Machine also printed a coupon for a FREE Trial Size Selma Hayak Nuance Trial Size product so I picked up the Wheat Protein Volumizing Foam free!

Finally, the Red Coupon machine also printed a coupon for $2 off any CVS Hand or Body Lotion.  Went down the aisle and found a Travel Size CVS Lotion for $1.49 so free after coupon!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Food Fair Trip 9/8/12: Paid $1.31 for 2 Sunny D and 2 Paseo Paper Towels

Sorry the picture sucks!

Did a quick trip to Food Fair tonight.  Brought Shelby with me.

2 Sunny D @ $.88 each
1 Paseo Paper Towels @ $.89 each
Used $.55/2 Capri Sun MQ and a $.50 Paseo MQ that doubled.  Paid $1.31 ($.10 tax) for all 5.

Shelby went after me and bought a Paseo Paper Towels and used her coupon that doubled and made it free.

4 items for $1.31 or $.33 each!

The lady behind me was amazed when Shelby didn't have to hand over any money so I gave her a coupon and then the cashier was also amazed so I gave her a couple.  Free paper towels for all! ;-)

Kroger Trip 9/8/12: 50 Kraft Singles and 10 Capri Suns for $4.90!

I don't normally shop at Kroger but I couldn't stay away from this deal!  And I went to a different Kroger today and both employees that helped me were actually wonderful so they may change my mind about that store!  Did a total of 6 transactions.  On 4 of my 5 cheese transactions they actually paid me $.10 (so $.40 total) and then I paid $5.60 the last transaction for the Capri Suns so I paid a total of $4.90!

At Kroger right now there is a coupon that will print for $10 off your next order (OYNO) when you buy 10 Kraft products including Kraft Singles.  Right now Kroger happens to be having a Mega Sale where you buy 10 participating items and you get $5 off your order making each Kraft singles only $1.49 each.  There is also a Smart Source coupon machine DIRECTLY ABOVE the Kraft singles at Kroger for $1 off 2 Kraft Singles.

I happen to get a $10 gift card from P&G for a Mail in Rebate I did last month in the mail yesterday so I used that to start so I actually didn't have to pay anything!

Transaction 1
Buy 10 Kraft Singles for $1.99 each.
- $5.00 Kroger Mega Event
- $1/2 Kraft Singles Coupons x 5
- $10.00 P&G Gift Card
Total = $0!  Earned a coupon for $10 OYNO.

Transactions 2, 3, 4 & 5
Buy 10 Kraft Singles for $1.99 each
- $5.00 Kroger Mega Event
- $1/2 Kraft Singles Coupons x 5
- $10 OYNO Coupon Earned the Previous Transaction
Total = They paid me $.10 each time!

Plus I had another $10 OYNO coupon to use.  Since I don't shop Kroger on a regular basis and I didn't want to risk the coupon expiring I decided to go ahead and use it on another Mega Event Item: Capri Sun.

Bought 10 Capri Sun 10 packs @ $1.99 each
- $5.00 Kroger Mega Event
- $10 OYNO Coupon
Total = $5.30 including Tax!

Not too shabby!  Between the 5 transactions I saved $202.90 which is a 97.5% savings!  Ended up with a total of 60 items @ $4.90 total is only $.08 a piece!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Walmart/Food Fair Trip 9/4/12: Paid $18.39 for 20lbs of Pork Chops and $36.99 for 25lbs of Chicken Breasts!

As I posted previously a Food Fair just opened near us.  I picked up their pork chops ($.88/lb) and Rich didn't particularly like the cut (he's so picky...) and the boneless skinless chicken breasts were in the smaller packages (about 1/3 of the size we usually buy which ends up taking up MORE room in the freezer) so I decided to take the Food Fair ad over to Walmart to price match!  Didn't have any issues at all doing this.

I did this in 2 trips so the first one isn't pictured.

Bought a total of 20.9 lbs of pork chops (14 packages of 3 chops each) for a total of $18.39!  The every day Walmart price for the pork chops is $3.37-$3.39/lb (which is what I normally pay) which would have cost me around $70.64 meaning I saved $52.25 or 74% savings!

Then I bought a total of 25.46 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breasts (5 packages with approximately 8 breasts each) at $1.44/lb for a total of $36.99.  The every day Walmart price (which I normally pay) is $1.99/lb so it would have cost me $50.66 giving me a savings of $13.76 or 27% savings!

My deep freeze is filled to the top!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Food Fair Trip 9/2: 10 Kraft Items for $.34 each + FREE Tabasco Sauce, BBQ Sauce & Paseo Paper Towels

Scored a really great deal on some Kraft products tonight at Food Fair!  Food Fair has a catalina coupon machine that prints coupons for money off your next order and there is a promotion right now where you can get a $10 coupon for your next purchase when you buy 10 Kraft Products.  There were also some printable coupons available this last week that make it even better!

4 Kraft Shredded Cheese @ 3/$5 = $6.67
- $1/2 Kraft Shredded Cheese Coupon x 2
2 Kraft Mayo @ 2/$6 = $6.00
- $1/1 Kraft Mayo Coupon x 2
2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs @ $1.69 = $3.38
- $1/2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Coupon
2 Kraft Dressings @ $1.99 each = $3.98
- $1/2 Kraft Dressing Coupon
Total before Coupons = $20.03
Total after Coupons = $14.03 earned $10 Coupon good on my next purchase.  Which makes all 10 items only $4.03 after coupons!

Food Fair also has a coupon on their website you can print that will get you FREE BBQ Sauce when you spend $20 so I used that.

They have Tabasco sauce on sale for $.99 and there is a $.50 coupon on the Tabasco website that Food Fair will double making it free!

And, finally, they have Paseo single roll paper towels for $.88 each and there was a recent Sunday paper coupon for $.50 that doubles making it free!

They also have pork chops for $.88/lb so I picked up 4 packages there are also Price Matched 4 more packages at Walmart.  They have boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.44/lb and I bought some at Food Fair as well as price matched Walmart for the larger packages.

Great first week for Food Fair and I have high hopes for great deals there in the future!  It helps that it is SO close to home!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

8/25 Kohls Trip: 6 Pairs of Flip Flops for $.54

I received a coupon card in the mail on a Kohls flyer for $10 off a $10 purchase.  Ran in hoping to get a couple of pairs of flip flops and found they were on sale for $1.75!  So I bought 6 and paid $.54 including tax!

8/18 CVS Trip: Paid $0 for $406.56 worth of Wisk, Huggies, Clairol Natural Instincts + More!

12 Wisk HE Laundry Detergent
10 Clairol Natural Instincts 
18 Twix 
3 Huggies Jumbo Packs
1 Kleenex
2 Pepsi 12 pack
1 Mt Dew 12 pack
2 CVS Wipes Boxes
2 CVS Wipes Packs
2 Reese's PB Cups
2 CVS Gummy Kids Vitamins 

Retail Price: $406.56
Sale Price: $241.62
OOP: $0! (Paid $.53 on a Gift Card) - I would have only needed $.05 on the Gift Card if my Rich hadn't texted me and asked for Reese's PB Cups...

I spent $60 in ECB and only got $50 back BUT I got $5 Beauty Bucks  AND 2 of the $5 P&G MIR rebates so I still feel as though I came out ahead!

Friday, August 10, 2012

8/10: Kohls Trip! Spent $62.32 on $264.90 worth of clothes! Saved $85.51 with coupons!

I don't "do" Kohls very often (only once before, actually, at Christmas) because it takes a bit more time than what I normally consider a "normal" coupon trip.  But the sweet baby was outgrowing her clothes and school is just around the corner and when I got a coupon in the Kohls flyer in the Sunday paper for $10 off a $25 school clothes purchase I knew I needed to do it.

I did these by stacking the $10 off a $25 Kohls purchase with the $5 off your purchase coupons you get for signing up on  Plus there is a 15% savings pass you can print directly from their website.  So basically you purchase $25 worth of items (some of my transactions were a bit more) and pay only $8.50 for it!

First transaction was 2 packs of Carters bodysuits (5 per pack) so a total of 10.
They were on sale for $15.99 so $31.98 for both.
After the $10/$25, $5/$5 and 15% off I paid $15.62 ($1.19 was tax).  That's only around $1.57 per bodysuit! 

Second transaction was 3 Carters Outfits (bodysuit & pants) on sale for $9.99 each so $29.97 for all 3. 
After the $10/$25, $5/$5 and 15% off I paid $13.77 ($1.05 was tax). Only $4.59 per outfit!

Transaction 3 was underwear.  These were PRICEY at Kohls.  Boys underwear was $11.99 and girls underwear was $12.99 for a total of $24.98.
After the $10/$25, $5/$5 and 15% off I paid $9.18 ($.70 tax) total.  Only $4.59 per pack!

Transaction 4 had a Carters sleeper for the baby clearanced at $8.80.  Headbands were on sale for $4.20.  Girls Perry shirt was on clearance for $8.00 and the shorts were on clearance for $5.10 for a total of $26.10.
After $10/$25, $5/$5 and 15% off I paid $10.21 ($.78 tax) total or only $2.55 per item!

Final transaction must be what you'd call a "splurge".  I happened to really like this two piece girl outfit that was on sale for $21.60 (it is MUCH cuter than it appears in this dark photo) and I picked up a clearanced boy shirt for $6.80 for a total of $28.40.
After the $10/$25, $5/$5 and 15% I paid $13.54 ($1.18 tax) total or only $4.51 per item!

In total:
Retail Price of all Items: $264.90
Sale/Clearance Price of all Items: $147.83
Total Paid for all Items: $62.32

Saved 76% off Retail Price and 58% off the Sale/Clearance Price!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

8/4 CVS Trip: Paid $0 for $376 worth of Cereal, Pop Tarts, Jiffy PB, Head & Shoulders and Olay Products!

Retail: $376.07
Sale Price: $228.98
OOP: $0

What I bought:
8 various Olay Body Washes & Shower Lotions
8 various Olay Cleansers
3 Accu-Check Nanos (I ordered a lot more but only 3 came in)
8 Head & Shoulders Shampoos/Conditioners (Green Apple!)
2 Mentos Gum
4 Jiffy Peanut Butter
25 Pop Tart boxes
6 Raisin Bran cereals
4 Froot Loop cereals
2 Apple Jacks cereals

I spent $35.75 in ECB.
I earned back:
$25 ECB for the Kelloggs Cereal/Pop Tarts
$15 ECB for Olay/Head & Shoulders
$2 ECB for Mentos
$3 ECB for Jiffy PB
= $45 ECB immediately PLUS
$15 Beauty Bucks will print in 48 hours
$20 in P&G Mail in Rebates
= $80 in total money earned back. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

CVS Trip 7/7: Made $5 ECB buying Coke, Purex, Head & Shoulders & Garnier

Another week where I didn't use any ECB but earned some back!  My store accepts expired CVS Coupons in case you're wondering how I was able to use them.

4 Coke 2 liters @ $.79 each
5 various Garnier products @ $2.99 each
8 Head & Shoulders @ $5.99 each BOGO 50%
Centrum Fruits & Veggies ProNutrients
4 Little Dippers snacks (cheese & breadsticks)
2 Purex
Total was a bit more than $70 before coupons.

Coupons used:
$4/$20 CVS Purchase x 3
$5/$10 Vitamin Purchase CVS Q
$1/1 Garnier MQ (Printable) x 4
$1/1 Garnier CVS Coupons (Printed a couple of weeks ago) x 5
BOGO Head & Shoulders MQ x 4
$2/1 Shampoo, Conditioner or Styler CVS Coupon (Printed a couple of weeks ago) x 5
B3G1 Free Coke MQ
$2 off any beverage CVS Coupon (from FB, no longer available)
$5 Centrum ProNutrients MQ (Printable)
$2 Centrum ProNutrients CVS Coupon
$1/1 Purex MQ (Printable) x 2

After all coupons paid $0 and earned back $5 ECB for Garnier!

Monday, July 2, 2012

CVS Trip 7/2: Nivea Creme Tins FREE + Made $4.00!

Ran into CVS for a quick deal this morning!  Nivea Creme Tins are $.99 and you get $2 ECB.  Limit is 4.  I happened to have a $4 ECB so I used it to buy 4.  I paid nothing and got $8 ECB in return!

Quarterly ECB started printing yesterday so use those to get some free Nivea and double your bucks!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

CVS Trip 6/30: Paid $.89 for $628.01 and got back $50 in Shell Gas Cards!

What I bought: 
20 Pantene Detanglers
8 Head & Shoulders Shampoo/Conditioners
11 Miracle Whip
72 various Hershey bars (Air Delight, Reese's, Milk Chocolate, Kit Kat)
1 Cheese & Breadsticks
Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker Bronzer
Physicians Formula Eye Liner
18 various Physicians Formula Concealers
20 Physicians Formula Matte Eyeshadows

I didn't use any type of gift cards or ExtraCare bucks - this was all done with CVS coupons and manufacturer coupons - paid less than $1 cash and got back $50 in gift cards.  So I made $49.11 buying these items!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

CVS Trip 6/23: Fruity Pebbles Cereal, Huggies Diapers & Gerber Baby Snacks + $10 Gas Card!

I told you I'd be back with more CVS deals!  The next couple of weeks are looking really good so stay tuned for more great trips!

Today I bought 15 boxes of Post Fruity Pebbles Cereal, 2 bags of Huggies Diapers and 6 Gerber Baby Food Snacks.

My total was over $60 so I used 3 of the $4 off any $20 purchase CVS coupons.  I used 15 of the $.55 Pebbles Cereal MQ, 2 of the $3 Huggies MQ and 3 of the $1/2 Gerber Baby Snacks MQ.  I also used $16 ECB and paid a bit on a CVS Gift Card.

The Fruity Pebbles are part of a gas card promotion for when you spend $30 so I also got a $10 Shell Gas card at the end!

Kroger Trip 6/23: Free Diapers, Wipes & Baby Food

In January I signed up for a coupon booklet from Comforts for Baby.  I received it a few months ago and had held onto it because I had no idea where Comforts brand was sold!  Since they expire 7/1 I decided I needed to use them so into Kroger I went.  Bought an 82 count diaper, 72 count wipes and a baby meal for $0!

I'm not sure if it's still available but I signed up for it on their Facebook page.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

CVS Trip 6/21 - Made $9.99 Purchasing Accu-Check Meters!

I haven't posted my CVS trips in a while.  Honestly, there hasn't been a whole lot that interests me in the last couple of months and my trips have only been an item or two.  The next couple of weeks are looking really good though so you'll be seeing more trips posted!

This trip I made early this morning and I made $9.99 buying Accu-Chek Nano Diabetes Meters!

You don't have to buy two.  I did because the 2nd one was still free!

I purchased 1 Accu-Chek Nano for $9.99.  I paid with a CVS Cash Card I earned last winter so it didn't cost me anything. I earned back $9.99 ECB on my receipt.  There's a Mail In Rebate inside the box so another $9.99 will be mailed back to me!  So I made $9.99!  I also used the $9.99 ECB I received and immediately used it to buy another meter for $9.99.  So I paid nothing and earned back another $9.99 ECB.

If you want to do this deal it's important that you do not use ECB to pay for the 1st meter.  You have to use cash/debit/credit or a gift card.  The rebate states you'll receive a rebate for the price after coupons so if you use ECB to pay for it they won't reimburse you.  The limit on this deal is 2 but you must do them in separate transactions.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

HEB Trip 4/21/12 - Great deal on Stouffer's with free Chocolate Milk, Salad, Garlic Bread and Sherbet

They only had Chicken Parm and no Lasagna or Alfredo so I only did it 4 times. They should get more tomorrow or Monday so I'll go back.

Bought 4 Chicken Parm @ $9.98 each = $39.92
Used 4 of the $2/1 MQ - $8 = $31.92 total OOP
Got 4 Dole Cesar Salad Free @ $3.58 each = $14.32 saved
Got 4 Nesquik Powder Free @ $2.89 each = $11.56 saved
Got 4 HCF Garlic Bread Free @ $1.27 each = $5.08 saved
Got 4 HEB Creamy Creations Strawberry Sherbet Free @ $1.87 each = $7.48 saved

Total OOP was $31.92 and saved $46.44 ($78.36 retail) for a savings of 59% 

I have a picture of these items but I purchased other items as well so my actual total was $181.09 before coupons and $131.09 after coupons. Crazy odd that my 22 coupons equaled exactly $50!

CVS Trip 4/21/12 - Paid $.06 For $116.75 Retail And "Made" $17.78 In ECB

I haven't shopped the weekly sales for a few week so it was nice to be back. I had $12.99 in expiring ECB to use (they were actually already expired) and two $4/20 coupons to use. I spent $24.98 in ECB and $.39 on a Cash Card but I earned back $42.76 in ECB!

I could have done better if I'd bother to clipped Revlon or PF MQ but I've been pretty lazy lately.

Transaction 1

Blink Tears - $8.99
3 American Greetings Cards - $2.97
DW Snoozeberry - $5.79
Cottonelle Roll Cover - $1.99
Caramel - $.33

$4 off $20 Purchase CVS Q
$1 Blink MQ IP
$2 American Greetings CVS Q IP
$12.99 in ECB
Paid $.10 on a Cash Card. 

$8.99 Blink
$5.79 DW Snoozeberry
$3 American Greetings
$1.99 Cottonelle

Transaction 2

Allegra 5ct - $6.00
Gummy Bears - $.88
Cottonelle Roll Cover - $1.99
Revlon Nail Polish - $5.99
Revlon Nail Polish - $2.89*
Physician Formula Matte Quad Shadow - $7.49
Gold Fish - $3.69
Caramel - $.33

$4 off a $20 Purchase CVS Q
$6.99 Allegra MQ (she made a mistake on this and the manger told it's fine - it was also expired but they just got them in and the manager initialed it last week)
$3 Physicians Formula CRT
$5/2 Revlon CRT
$10 ECB
Paid $.28 on a Cash Card

$1.99 Cottonelle
$7.00 Physician Formula
$4.00 Revlon* (This had to be force printed and I didn't realize why until I got home. The register was picking up the BOGO50% sale instead of the ECB promotion. So that's why the 2nd nail polish was ringing up $2.89)

Transaction 3

Cottonelle Roll Cover (I wanted one of each!) - $1.99

$1.99 ECB from previous transaction
$0 OOP

$1.99 Cottonelle

Transaction 4 - I had a RC for Coke 5/$15 with $5 ECB

5 Coke - $15.00
5 Sprite - $15.00

FREE Coco Cola MQ from MCR
Paid $.06 OOP (tax?)

$10 ECB

I haven't had to purchase Coke and Sprite for months.  I was pretty shocked when we ran out this week. The Coke/Sprite isn't pictured. I didn't feel like lugging it into the photo.

Monday, April 9, 2012

CVS Trips 3/31 - 4/9: Paid $1.29 for $487.67 worth of Similac, Sobe, Luvs Diapers and Candy!

What I bought:
29 Similac RTF Formula
3 Similac 1.45lb Tubs
3 Luvs Diapers
10 various Candy Eggs (Butterfinger, Reeses, Snicker)
4 Twix
6 8pk Kit Kats and Reeses Cups
Gummy Bears (kid concession)
70 Sobe Lifewater

I had Sobe coupons for BOGO and they were on sale BOGO so that means 2 free per coupon! The Similac baby formula I used a $5 Similac check for each one purchased and combined those with $5 and $2 manufacturer coupons. The diapers and all the candy were free by using coupons for 25% and 30% off any non-sale item.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

CVS Trip 3/17/12 - Chex Mix + Zhu Zhu Pets - Paid $.01 for $215.75 Retail

I will finish the rest of my CVS Trip for this week on Tuesday so I just picked up the Chex Mix and some Zhu Zhu playsets last night.

Paid: $.01
Sale Price: $65.00
Retail Price: $215.75

Purchased 40 bags of Chex Mix for $1.50 each.
Used 3 CVS Coupons for $4 off a $20 purchase
Used 20 coupons for $1 off 2 Chex Mix
Used $10.99 in ECB
Used $17.00 on a CVS Cash Card
Total = $.01. Earned $20 in CVS Cash Cards.

Purchased 5 Zhu Zhu Pet play sets on sale for only $1 each.
Used $5 ECB and paid nothing!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

CVS Trip 3/10: Paid $3.55 for $344.17 Retail - Beneful, Coke/Sprite, Similac and Olay

Paid $3.55 (of which $1.67 was tax) for items retailing $344.17. Paid out only $22 in ECB and earned back $51.99 in ECB.

10 Sprite
4 Coke
1 Diet Coke
15 Beneful Dog Food
2 PediaCare Medicine
5 Similac Formula
6 Olay Body Wash
6 Olay Facial Cleansers

Sunday, March 4, 2012

2/26 + 3/3 CVS Trips: Paid only $1.58 for $606.36 worth of items!

Start with the 3/3 Trip:

Out of Pocket: $.58

Sale Price: $227.37
Retail Price: $323.34

Started with $27 in ECB and ended with a $10 Cash Card and $46.47 in ECB.

CVS Supreme Diapers
Earned $2 ECB.

6 Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
- 20% off Coupon

4 Softsoap Bar Soaps
- $1.50 MQ x 4
Earned $5 ECB x 2. Total was $4 after coupons so $1 MM x 2 = $2 Money Maker

41 UP2U Gum
- $1.00 MQ (adjusted down to $.99) x 41

4 Axe Body Sprays
- $1.00 MQ x 4
Earned $4 ECB.

3 Jelly Beans
Earned $.99 ECB x 3 so free after ECB.

6 Revlon Eye Shadow
- $1.00 MQ x 6
- 20% CVS Q
Earned $24 ECB. Price after coupons and 20% off coupon was $19.39 making it a $4.61 Money Maker

12 Blue Diamond Almonds
- $1.00 MQ x 12
Earned $10 Cash Card.

2 Colgate Sensitive Toothpastes
- $1.00 MQ x 2
- $1.00 RIB Q x 2
Earned $8.00 from Colgate ($4.00 x 2). They were ringing up only $2.74 so $.74 after coupons making each one a $3.26 MM x 2 = $6.52 Money Maker

21 Beneful Baked Delights
- BOGO MQ x 9
- $2.00 MQ x 12
Earned $5.00 ECB x 3 (in groups of 7). After coupons the total was $14.28 after couons making it a small $.72 Money Maker

Now the 2/26 Trip. No photo - I apologize. It was a lot of dog food.

I don't know the ECB/CC Earned vs. Spent, though.

OOP: $1.00
Retail: $283.02

15 Beneful Dog Food
- $2.50 MQ x 15
Earned $5 ECB x 3 (groups of 5).

8 Jacks Links Beef Jerky
- $2 MQ x 8
2 Combos Snacks
- $1/2 MQ
Earned $10 Cash Card.

36 Wild Cherry Ludens
- $1/2 MQ x 18
Earned $6 ECB for every 6 purchased (I think I remembered that right)

2 Physicians Formula pH Gloss
- $3 MQ x 2
Earned $7 ECB for each.

Thermacare Heat Wrap
Earned $3.79 ECB so free after ECB.

5 Heinz Ketchup