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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Food Fair 10/24: FREE Paseo 12 Count Toilet Paper!

I was so excited when my Food Fair ad came in the mail yesterday!  They had Paseo Toilet Paper (12 pack) and Paseo Paper Towels (8 count) in the ad for 5 for $5.  And there are coupons for $1 off.  So I thought, "Wow, definitely going to stock up on some free toilet paper and paper towels!"

Went to Food Fair bright and early this morning (around 6am) and loaded 6 of these into my cart (Food Fair reserves the right to limit 6 like coupons per transaction - which I figured they'd be doing for this) and go up to the register.  I mention to the cashier they are 5 for $5 and she doesn't believe me so I show her the ad.  She calls her manager down who said there was a misprint in the ad.  Well darn.  But since I was there bright and early he'd give me one for that price.

So they rang it up for $1 and I used my $1 coupon and walked out with my free toilet paper.

(They're actually $3.88 so only $2.88 with the $1 coupon which still isn't a bad deal.  Especially when you have kids who use too much regardless and quality really isn't a priority.)

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