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Sunday, November 24, 2013

CVS: Paid $4.95 for over $75 in FREE merchandise with $47 ECB left over!

 It's been nearly an entire year since I've posted!  Trust me, I haven't been holding back - I just haven't couponed in that long!  I've been waiting for the right time to jump back in and boy did the perfect opportunity present itself with this week's CVS Ad!

Through Wednesday if you buy a prepaid PayPal Mastercard and load $150 you get $50 in ECB back.  Woooow.  There is a $4.95 activation fee which was my only out of pocket expense on this.  There are monthly fees associated with this prepaid card so I just ran over to Walmart and used the $150 PayPal Mastercard to buy a $150 Walmart gift card.  No further fees and can easily be spent on groceries.

I then used that huge $50 ECB to buy the 20+ items in the CVS ad this week that are FREE after ECB!  So you pay with the ECB and get them back immediately.  I threw in a few items not free after ECB, but cheap, so I walked out with all the merchandise pictured below PLUS $47.01 in ECB for future spending!

What a fun way to start my Sunday (very, very early - I went around 2am!).  The deal on the PayPal Mastercard is actually 2 so I could go buy another $150 card and get another $50 back.  The store I went to only had one left (phew, got there in time!) so I only did it once.

Also, besides the $50 ECB I didn't use a single coupon on this trip.  I could have because there are coupons available for some of these items but most were free anyways so I didn't bother.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

CVS 12/1 : Paid $.09 Saved $474.02 - Diapers, Cereal and More

It's been a while since I had a large CVS Trip!

I paid $20.35 in ECB, $1.42 on a gift card and $.09 cash and earned back $81 in ECB!  Plus I made enough Beauty Purchases to earn $10 in ECB so I earned back $91 in ECB!  I got back around $70 more in ECB than I spent!

What I bought:
3 Hershey Kisses
3 Reese's PB Mini's
1lb Reese's PB Cup
7 Cheese & Breadsticks
3 Doritos
3 Olay Body Wash
Carmex Healing Lotion
Huggies Box 62ct
Pampers Box 82ct
4 Pampers Jumbo Pack (RC)
2 Pampers Wipes
10 Kellogg's Froot Loops Cereal
4 Bumble Bee Tuna (RC)
Visine Tired Eye (RC)
3 American Greetings Cards
4 Febreeze Fabric Refreshers
2 Lumene Peet Masks
Lumene Toner
Gillette Fusion ProGlide
La Roche-Posay Cleanser
2 packs of Christmas bows (thought they were BOGO but they weren't, whoops)
Axe Body Spray
Verio IQ Meter
16 Sobe Lifewaters

Sunday, October 28, 2012

CVS 10/27: Paid $.25 and Saved $114.14 - Ritz, Thermacare, Glade

Did two transactions.

Transaction 1

3 Nabisco Ritz Crackers $2.50 each
Triscuits $2.50
- $3.99 Free Triscuits MQ from FB
Hershey's Snack Snack Variety pack $5
- $5.00 Hershey Candy CVS Q from the Halloween pack
3 Stride iD Gum $1 each
2 Thermacare Back Wrap 2ct $6.79 each
- $2 Thermacare CVS Q
- $3 Thermacare MQ x 2
Mascarade Mask (not pictured) $3.99
- $5 Halloween Costume CVS Q from the Halloween pack
3 American Greetings Halloween Cards $.99 each
5 Glade Candles $4.29 each
- $1 Glade Candles MQ x 5

Total = $59.99
- $10/$50 Purchase CVS Q
- $3 Birthday Bucks!
- $26.99 in Coupons Above
Paid with $20 ECB and earned back $24 in ECB:
$5 for Nabisco/Triscuit/Hershey
$1 for Stride iD Gum
$3 American Greetings
$5 Thermacare
$10 Glade

Paid $.24 in cash and saved $74.75.

Transaction 2

Jr Dippers Cheese & Breadsticks $2
2 Thermacare Back Wrap 2ct $6.79 each

- $2 Thermacare CVS Q
- $3 Thermacare MQ x 2

3 Halloween Cards $.99 each
- FREE Card wyb 2 CVS Q
4 Glade Candles $4.39 each
- $1 Glade Candles MQ x 5

Total = $40
- $4/$20 purchase CVS Q (Expired)
- $13.99 in Coupons Above
Paid with $18 ECB (all expired) and earned back $18 in ECB:
$10 Glade
$3 American Greetings
$5 Thermacare

Paid $.01 in cash and saved $39.39.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kroger 10/20 & 10/22: 65 General Mills Products for $3.20 AND $35.50+ in Box Top for Education!

Finished out the Kroger General Mills deals on 10/20 and 10/22.  Ended up with 65 more items and paid only $3.20!  Then used my final $5 coupon to get 2 Capri Sun 10 packs free!  Not everything is purchased (only the dry good purchased 10/20).

What I purchased:
6 Toaster Strudels
8 Totinos Pizzas
3 Old El Paso Taco Shells
10 Betty Crocker Cake Mix
6 Betty Crocker Icing
9 Hamburger Helper
24 Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes
2 Capri Sun

Combing this trip with my previous trip I purchased a total of 140 items for $9.41.  Only $.07 per item!

Before doing any transactions I went to this page and registered my Kroger card for eBoxtops.  This site gives you 10 bonus box tops for every 5 items you purchase - and you don't have to clip anything!  The money is sent directly to the school.  I earned 215 eBoxtops which equals $21.50 to the kid's school!  Plus I purchased 140 items which will add another $14 before the school year is up (not even counting the packages with multiple box tops...) so it's nice to share a little money with the school.

Food Fair 10/24: FREE Paseo 12 Count Toilet Paper!

I was so excited when my Food Fair ad came in the mail yesterday!  They had Paseo Toilet Paper (12 pack) and Paseo Paper Towels (8 count) in the ad for 5 for $5.  And there are coupons for $1 off.  So I thought, "Wow, definitely going to stock up on some free toilet paper and paper towels!"

Went to Food Fair bright and early this morning (around 6am) and loaded 6 of these into my cart (Food Fair reserves the right to limit 6 like coupons per transaction - which I figured they'd be doing for this) and go up to the register.  I mention to the cashier they are 5 for $5 and she doesn't believe me so I show her the ad.  She calls her manager down who said there was a misprint in the ad.  Well darn.  But since I was there bright and early he'd give me one for that price.

So they rang it up for $1 and I used my $1 coupon and walked out with my free toilet paper.

(They're actually $3.88 so only $2.88 with the $1 coupon which still isn't a bad deal.  Especially when you have kids who use too much regardless and quality really isn't a priority.)

Home Depot 10/24: 220 Glad Force Flex Trash Bags, Glade Room Spray and a Pumpkin for $1.22

Using the amazing coupons available on Home Depot's Facebook Page (you have to play a game to get the coupons) I was able to score some nearly free high quality trash bags at Home Depot tonight!  The coupons are one per person so I did two separate transactions.

Glad Force Flex Bags 110 ct for $13.97
Pumpkin for $2
Total = $15.97
- $15/$15.01 Purchase Home Depot Coupon 
Paid $.98 (tax included)

Glad Force Flex Bags 110 ct for $13.97
Glade Room Spray $1.27
Total = $15.24
- $15/$15.01 Purchase Home Depot Coupon
Paid $.24 (tax included)

That's 220 high quality trash bags for only $1.22 or less than a penny a piece!  Rich always gripes at me for buying the "cheap" trash bags (which I do...) so I was excited to score this deal.  I still have another $15 coupons left as well as three $10 and three $5 that don't expire until 12/31/12 so I should be able to score some more great deals with these coupons!

(The picture is only 100 ct but the ones I purchased are 110 count.  I just pulled a picture off the internet to use.)

Friday, October 19, 2012

Kroger Trip 10/19: 75 General Mills Products for only $6.21 - Saved $114.24!

Kroger is having a Cart Buster sale on various General Mills products PLUS you get a coupon for $5 on your next order (OYNO) when you buy 5 products.  There are coupons you can use that match up with these products.  I used a $5 P&G Mail-in-Rebate card I had so that I wouldn't have to pay anything to get started and then I did a total of 15 transactions consisting of 5 items each (it actually didn't take very long since each one only had 5 items).  I paid a total of $6.41 out of pocket for 75 items and saved $114.24.  That makes each item only $.09 and a savings of 94%  I also earned enough fuel points to get $.10 off next time I fill up and at least 75 Box Tops for Education!  Plus I still have a $5 OYNO coupon left over in case I decide to go back and pick up some of the other items on sale.

What I purchased:
10 Betty Crocker Mac and Cheese (this is new and I've never tried it!)
9 Old El Paso Taco Shell Packages
3 Old El Paso Refried Beans
12 Totinos Pizzas
6 Toaster Strudels
9 Betty Crocker Cake Mix
12 Better Crocker Cake Icing
14 Better Crocker Boxed Potatoes
75 items total!