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Sunday, September 30, 2012

CVS Trips 9/20 - 9/29: Paid $1.90 on a Gift Card and Saved $824.80!

All of these items were purchased from 9/20 through 9/29.  Not all of the items are pictured (Herbal Essences) because my full order didn't come in.  After all CVS Coupons, Manufacturer Coupons and ECB my OOP was $1.90 which I paid with a CVS Gift Card.

This is what was purchased:
6 Charmin Basic
10 Downy Unstoppables
40 Herbal Essences Stylers
40 Herbal Essences Shampoos
16 Pantene Shampoos and Conditioners
6 Nexxus Products
2 Schick Quattro
13 Skippy PB
8 Jr Dipper Cheese & Breadsticks
2 Colgate Toothbrush/Toothpaste
2 CVS Baby Wipes 216 ct
15 Gerber Graduates Snacks
8 Glade Room Sprays
Glade Scented Oil Refill
Physicians Formula pH Gloss
Alteril Shots
Thermacare Pad 1 ct 

Walgreens Trip 9/22: 4 Enfagrow 4pks + 17 Wet & Wild Nail Polish for $1.88

Cheap Enfagrow and nail polish got me into Walgreens!

The Enfagrow 4 packs were on sale for $6.49 and were BOGO.
Bought 4 (2 not pictured) = $25.96
- BOGO Sale = $12.98
Used 4 $3/1 Enfamil Coupons = $.98 for all 4 or $.25 each!  And these are perfect for the diaper bag!

Then there was a Wet & Wild Nail polish coupon for $1.00 off (it expired 9/22) and Walgreens sells Wet & Wild for $.99 each.  I had 16 coupons but I bought 17 nail polishes since the Walgreens I shop at refuses to adjust down coupons.  Paid $.90 for all 17.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

CVS Trip 9/15: Paid $0 for $42.44 worth of Centrum, Lotion & Nuance Hair Form

I took a few weeks off from CVS but I'm back!  I made a large pre-order so when I dropped it off at the store I went ahead and picked up some freebies!  All of these are free after coupons.

Centrum Flavor Burst 60 ct vitamins were $6.99.  The Coupon Machine at CVS was printing a coupon for $5 off every day and there is a $2/1 coupon on Centrum's website making them free!

The Coupon Machine also printed a coupon for a FREE Trial Size Selma Hayak Nuance Trial Size product so I picked up the Wheat Protein Volumizing Foam free!

Finally, the Red Coupon machine also printed a coupon for $2 off any CVS Hand or Body Lotion.  Went down the aisle and found a Travel Size CVS Lotion for $1.49 so free after coupon!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Food Fair Trip 9/8/12: Paid $1.31 for 2 Sunny D and 2 Paseo Paper Towels

Sorry the picture sucks!

Did a quick trip to Food Fair tonight.  Brought Shelby with me.

2 Sunny D @ $.88 each
1 Paseo Paper Towels @ $.89 each
Used $.55/2 Capri Sun MQ and a $.50 Paseo MQ that doubled.  Paid $1.31 ($.10 tax) for all 5.

Shelby went after me and bought a Paseo Paper Towels and used her coupon that doubled and made it free.

4 items for $1.31 or $.33 each!

The lady behind me was amazed when Shelby didn't have to hand over any money so I gave her a coupon and then the cashier was also amazed so I gave her a couple.  Free paper towels for all! ;-)

Kroger Trip 9/8/12: 50 Kraft Singles and 10 Capri Suns for $4.90!

I don't normally shop at Kroger but I couldn't stay away from this deal!  And I went to a different Kroger today and both employees that helped me were actually wonderful so they may change my mind about that store!  Did a total of 6 transactions.  On 4 of my 5 cheese transactions they actually paid me $.10 (so $.40 total) and then I paid $5.60 the last transaction for the Capri Suns so I paid a total of $4.90!

At Kroger right now there is a coupon that will print for $10 off your next order (OYNO) when you buy 10 Kraft products including Kraft Singles.  Right now Kroger happens to be having a Mega Sale where you buy 10 participating items and you get $5 off your order making each Kraft singles only $1.49 each.  There is also a Smart Source coupon machine DIRECTLY ABOVE the Kraft singles at Kroger for $1 off 2 Kraft Singles.

I happen to get a $10 gift card from P&G for a Mail in Rebate I did last month in the mail yesterday so I used that to start so I actually didn't have to pay anything!

Transaction 1
Buy 10 Kraft Singles for $1.99 each.
- $5.00 Kroger Mega Event
- $1/2 Kraft Singles Coupons x 5
- $10.00 P&G Gift Card
Total = $0!  Earned a coupon for $10 OYNO.

Transactions 2, 3, 4 & 5
Buy 10 Kraft Singles for $1.99 each
- $5.00 Kroger Mega Event
- $1/2 Kraft Singles Coupons x 5
- $10 OYNO Coupon Earned the Previous Transaction
Total = They paid me $.10 each time!

Plus I had another $10 OYNO coupon to use.  Since I don't shop Kroger on a regular basis and I didn't want to risk the coupon expiring I decided to go ahead and use it on another Mega Event Item: Capri Sun.

Bought 10 Capri Sun 10 packs @ $1.99 each
- $5.00 Kroger Mega Event
- $10 OYNO Coupon
Total = $5.30 including Tax!

Not too shabby!  Between the 5 transactions I saved $202.90 which is a 97.5% savings!  Ended up with a total of 60 items @ $4.90 total is only $.08 a piece!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Walmart/Food Fair Trip 9/4/12: Paid $18.39 for 20lbs of Pork Chops and $36.99 for 25lbs of Chicken Breasts!

As I posted previously a Food Fair just opened near us.  I picked up their pork chops ($.88/lb) and Rich didn't particularly like the cut (he's so picky...) and the boneless skinless chicken breasts were in the smaller packages (about 1/3 of the size we usually buy which ends up taking up MORE room in the freezer) so I decided to take the Food Fair ad over to Walmart to price match!  Didn't have any issues at all doing this.

I did this in 2 trips so the first one isn't pictured.

Bought a total of 20.9 lbs of pork chops (14 packages of 3 chops each) for a total of $18.39!  The every day Walmart price for the pork chops is $3.37-$3.39/lb (which is what I normally pay) which would have cost me around $70.64 meaning I saved $52.25 or 74% savings!

Then I bought a total of 25.46 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breasts (5 packages with approximately 8 breasts each) at $1.44/lb for a total of $36.99.  The every day Walmart price (which I normally pay) is $1.99/lb so it would have cost me $50.66 giving me a savings of $13.76 or 27% savings!

My deep freeze is filled to the top!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Food Fair Trip 9/2: 10 Kraft Items for $.34 each + FREE Tabasco Sauce, BBQ Sauce & Paseo Paper Towels

Scored a really great deal on some Kraft products tonight at Food Fair!  Food Fair has a catalina coupon machine that prints coupons for money off your next order and there is a promotion right now where you can get a $10 coupon for your next purchase when you buy 10 Kraft Products.  There were also some printable coupons available this last week that make it even better!

4 Kraft Shredded Cheese @ 3/$5 = $6.67
- $1/2 Kraft Shredded Cheese Coupon x 2
2 Kraft Mayo @ 2/$6 = $6.00
- $1/1 Kraft Mayo Coupon x 2
2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs @ $1.69 = $3.38
- $1/2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Coupon
2 Kraft Dressings @ $1.99 each = $3.98
- $1/2 Kraft Dressing Coupon
Total before Coupons = $20.03
Total after Coupons = $14.03 earned $10 Coupon good on my next purchase.  Which makes all 10 items only $4.03 after coupons!

Food Fair also has a coupon on their website you can print that will get you FREE BBQ Sauce when you spend $20 so I used that.

They have Tabasco sauce on sale for $.99 and there is a $.50 coupon on the Tabasco website that Food Fair will double making it free!

And, finally, they have Paseo single roll paper towels for $.88 each and there was a recent Sunday paper coupon for $.50 that doubles making it free!

They also have pork chops for $.88/lb so I picked up 4 packages there are also Price Matched 4 more packages at Walmart.  They have boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.44/lb and I bought some at Food Fair as well as price matched Walmart for the larger packages.

Great first week for Food Fair and I have high hopes for great deals there in the future!  It helps that it is SO close to home!