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Thursday, August 30, 2012

8/25 Kohls Trip: 6 Pairs of Flip Flops for $.54

I received a coupon card in the mail on a Kohls flyer for $10 off a $10 purchase.  Ran in hoping to get a couple of pairs of flip flops and found they were on sale for $1.75!  So I bought 6 and paid $.54 including tax!

8/18 CVS Trip: Paid $0 for $406.56 worth of Wisk, Huggies, Clairol Natural Instincts + More!

12 Wisk HE Laundry Detergent
10 Clairol Natural Instincts 
18 Twix 
3 Huggies Jumbo Packs
1 Kleenex
2 Pepsi 12 pack
1 Mt Dew 12 pack
2 CVS Wipes Boxes
2 CVS Wipes Packs
2 Reese's PB Cups
2 CVS Gummy Kids Vitamins 

Retail Price: $406.56
Sale Price: $241.62
OOP: $0! (Paid $.53 on a Gift Card) - I would have only needed $.05 on the Gift Card if my Rich hadn't texted me and asked for Reese's PB Cups...

I spent $60 in ECB and only got $50 back BUT I got $5 Beauty Bucks  AND 2 of the $5 P&G MIR rebates so I still feel as though I came out ahead!

Friday, August 10, 2012

8/10: Kohls Trip! Spent $62.32 on $264.90 worth of clothes! Saved $85.51 with coupons!

I don't "do" Kohls very often (only once before, actually, at Christmas) because it takes a bit more time than what I normally consider a "normal" coupon trip.  But the sweet baby was outgrowing her clothes and school is just around the corner and when I got a coupon in the Kohls flyer in the Sunday paper for $10 off a $25 school clothes purchase I knew I needed to do it.

I did these by stacking the $10 off a $25 Kohls purchase with the $5 off your purchase coupons you get for signing up on  Plus there is a 15% savings pass you can print directly from their website.  So basically you purchase $25 worth of items (some of my transactions were a bit more) and pay only $8.50 for it!

First transaction was 2 packs of Carters bodysuits (5 per pack) so a total of 10.
They were on sale for $15.99 so $31.98 for both.
After the $10/$25, $5/$5 and 15% off I paid $15.62 ($1.19 was tax).  That's only around $1.57 per bodysuit! 

Second transaction was 3 Carters Outfits (bodysuit & pants) on sale for $9.99 each so $29.97 for all 3. 
After the $10/$25, $5/$5 and 15% off I paid $13.77 ($1.05 was tax). Only $4.59 per outfit!

Transaction 3 was underwear.  These were PRICEY at Kohls.  Boys underwear was $11.99 and girls underwear was $12.99 for a total of $24.98.
After the $10/$25, $5/$5 and 15% off I paid $9.18 ($.70 tax) total.  Only $4.59 per pack!

Transaction 4 had a Carters sleeper for the baby clearanced at $8.80.  Headbands were on sale for $4.20.  Girls Perry shirt was on clearance for $8.00 and the shorts were on clearance for $5.10 for a total of $26.10.
After $10/$25, $5/$5 and 15% off I paid $10.21 ($.78 tax) total or only $2.55 per item!

Final transaction must be what you'd call a "splurge".  I happened to really like this two piece girl outfit that was on sale for $21.60 (it is MUCH cuter than it appears in this dark photo) and I picked up a clearanced boy shirt for $6.80 for a total of $28.40.
After the $10/$25, $5/$5 and 15% I paid $13.54 ($1.18 tax) total or only $4.51 per item!

In total:
Retail Price of all Items: $264.90
Sale/Clearance Price of all Items: $147.83
Total Paid for all Items: $62.32

Saved 76% off Retail Price and 58% off the Sale/Clearance Price!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

8/4 CVS Trip: Paid $0 for $376 worth of Cereal, Pop Tarts, Jiffy PB, Head & Shoulders and Olay Products!

Retail: $376.07
Sale Price: $228.98
OOP: $0

What I bought:
8 various Olay Body Washes & Shower Lotions
8 various Olay Cleansers
3 Accu-Check Nanos (I ordered a lot more but only 3 came in)
8 Head & Shoulders Shampoos/Conditioners (Green Apple!)
2 Mentos Gum
4 Jiffy Peanut Butter
25 Pop Tart boxes
6 Raisin Bran cereals
4 Froot Loop cereals
2 Apple Jacks cereals

I spent $35.75 in ECB.
I earned back:
$25 ECB for the Kelloggs Cereal/Pop Tarts
$15 ECB for Olay/Head & Shoulders
$2 ECB for Mentos
$3 ECB for Jiffy PB
= $45 ECB immediately PLUS
$15 Beauty Bucks will print in 48 hours
$20 in P&G Mail in Rebates
= $80 in total money earned back.