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Sunday, November 24, 2013

CVS: Paid $4.95 for over $75 in FREE merchandise with $47 ECB left over!

 It's been nearly an entire year since I've posted!  Trust me, I haven't been holding back - I just haven't couponed in that long!  I've been waiting for the right time to jump back in and boy did the perfect opportunity present itself with this week's CVS Ad!

Through Wednesday if you buy a prepaid PayPal Mastercard and load $150 you get $50 in ECB back.  Woooow.  There is a $4.95 activation fee which was my only out of pocket expense on this.  There are monthly fees associated with this prepaid card so I just ran over to Walmart and used the $150 PayPal Mastercard to buy a $150 Walmart gift card.  No further fees and can easily be spent on groceries.

I then used that huge $50 ECB to buy the 20+ items in the CVS ad this week that are FREE after ECB!  So you pay with the ECB and get them back immediately.  I threw in a few items not free after ECB, but cheap, so I walked out with all the merchandise pictured below PLUS $47.01 in ECB for future spending!

What a fun way to start my Sunday (very, very early - I went around 2am!).  The deal on the PayPal Mastercard is actually 2 so I could go buy another $150 card and get another $50 back.  The store I went to only had one left (phew, got there in time!) so I only did it once.

Also, besides the $50 ECB I didn't use a single coupon on this trip.  I could have because there are coupons available for some of these items but most were free anyways so I didn't bother.